LIGHTS A.M presents timeless electronic music from the North.

Music from the heart of Erlend Eilertsen also known from the electronic rock band Essence Of Mind, who got into a creative bubble and created LIGHTS A.M to channel his deepest feelings, thoughts, light and dark in an emotional as well as uplifting way.
To explore the mysterious, the spiritual and the unknown.
Unique and cinematic electronic dream pop with a touch of ambient and retro electronics manifesting that the past and future is now!

Organic and electronic, combining instrumentals with vocal tracks to create a soundtrack for deep moments and visual journeys, only limited by our own imagination and creative space.

In 2019 LIGHTS A.M released the regular EP «Shine Our Lights» showing the melancholic electronic pop side of the project, and which led to signing a record deal with the Belgian label Alfa Matrix.

After re-releasing the debut EP on Alfa Matrix, LIGHTS A.M released the follow up «Surrender & Evolve EP» in April 2020. With this EP LIGHTS A.M presented a unique transformation experience through sound divided into 5 chapters.
In 2021 Lights A.M released the instrumental concept album «Stories Without Words» as a cottony and foggy soundtrack for the winter.

The first regular full length album «Clouds» was released in July 2022, and continued the self-exploring sonic journey by LIGHTS A.M as the frontier between spirituality, mysticism and meditation through darkish echoing atmospheric electronics from the North and emotional ethereal lyrics coming straight from the heart.

2023 marks the year for volume 2 of the «Stories Without Words» series of concept albums as well as finally preparing to take the step to the live stage.